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Easter Sermon 08: Red Collar Criminals Playing American Roulette With Our Lives

Updated with link corrections August 2010 by
The Toxic Reverend at Twitter aka Justice Is Homeless at Twitter
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American Roulette;
Revolvers are for Russians. We use products and services

This Easter Sunday 2008 Toxic Sermon might prove
to be a useful path. And a "True Flag" under which many
political factions could rally, if the "censorship" from
the major news medias can be circumvented. So here
is a copy / paste of my "toxic sermon". Strangely enough,
you life or the life of someone you love, might depend on
your reading this. Please pass it on. It is the achilleas
heel of Corporate America and George Bush - TR

Easter Sunday Toxic Sermon of 2008
titled -

Red Collar Criminals Playing American Roulette
With Our Lives

No copyright on this posting is claimed .
Feel free to forward and post this toxic sermon.
Reproduce at will.
Blessings, The Toxic Reverend

This is what I call American Roulette, with Red Collar Crime.
Unlike the Russians with a revolver, we use products and services.
"In American Roulette, paranoia is a survival skill, because their
is no criminal accountability for the corporate official that whacks
you with his corporations products or services". If your family is
"resourceful", they might be able to sue for a few dollars for your
"wrongful death" but even the amount of the liability suits were
"capped". Leaving lawyers with little incentive to "herd the stampede" .

There are three examples of Red Collar Crimes
in this "toxic sermon". Better known examples
are Firestine tires, the movies "Class Action"
that starred Gene Hackman, as well as
Erin Brockovich, starring Julia Roberts.

The third cited example in this sermon is ongoing
with a prosecuting attorney that has been fighting
to get criminal charges brought against the corporate
officials that were responsible for an unknown number
of American deaths. Homicide was not listed among
the criminal indiments listed in the news release
that is linked in. I am citing these other reports to
demonstrate that this is not just "an elephant in the
living-room" . It is a virtual and rampant herd. And
nobody wants to talk about it. In fact, I had to
name it, just so I could. The "commonly known"
examples that I had cited did not have any criminal
cases brought against the corporations of the
individual corporate officials that were responsible.

Didn't you ever wonder "WHY" ?


1: Trade Secrets,
A web page from Bill Moyers Public Broadcasting show, national television.
Documentation of over 50 years of corporate cover up, costing an unknown
number of American lives, with out criminal prosecution.

2: Skeletons in the Courthouse:
Hazards to the Public Remain Secret PDF - Link
April 2002 By Coalition for Consumer Rights,

A copy of the "censored" PDF report was re-posted at
That entire web cite has been censored and even some of the
Archived Wayback Machine copies have been deleted.
I had download the report and made back ups . So I re-posted the report
PDF - Link at
American Roulette - Red Collar Crime.
I have also converted the PDF file to text format and
posted is as a blog "Hazards to the Public Remain Secret"
at my alternate
"Justice Is Homeless" The blog is
Listing solutions while tracking the money trail of homeless criminalization

The "Coalition for Consumer Rights" web page is gone from the net and the
times that I have tried to call the authors (March 08) their phone is "being
checked for trouble".

Or at least that is what the phone company recording says. But here is
the address and phone number, anyway. Try to contact them at your own risk
407 South Dearborn, Suite 1345, Chicago, Illinois 60605
Phone (312) 939-4566, 312/939-4849 (fax) <> w w w . . html <>
w w w. CoalitionForConsumerRights . org

How ever, I did find Nancy Cowles in the Fall of 2009, at the
"Kids in Danger" web page

Holding corporate officials criminally liable for
the crimes the commit with their corporations
for "their" all mighty dollar could cause this
war to end, much quicker.


Please note the comment of mine is
also posted at this next cited blog:>

Update August 2010:

Corporate Crime Reporter Click here for the full story
End of August 2010 update

W.R. Grace to Pay $250 Million for Libby Cleanup,
by Liz Borkowski
A 10-count criminal indictment against seven
senior current and former Grace officials alleging
conspiracy. For knowing endangerment, obstruction
of justice and wire fraud for endangering the
people of Libby by concealing the well-documented
hazards of the tremolite asbestos.

In reference to the above story, the criminal
charges are "pending". National support is needed
to see that these criminal charges against the
individuals responsible are in fact heard in a court
of criminal (not civil) court.

The charges have been brought by
William W. Mercer
United States Attorney
for the District of Montana


This next excerpt is form "Red Collar Crime"
(a work in progress)

Michael McCann was a longtime district attorney
ilwaukee County, (retired 12 / 31 / 2006 ). He
was best known for prosecuting Jeffrey Dahmer.

But McCann has also prosecuted more than ten
corporations for reckless homicide over the
last two decades and has won every case. More
than that, Michael McCann s also an opponent of
the death penalty.

End of excerpt from:

One problem with his ten reckless homicide convictions.
He convicted corporations, but none of the people that
were responsible. Still, it was a step in the right direction.
A story about him and the court cases is linked in from the
main front page of :>

No More Red Collar Crime
Homicide Charges For Corporations
(Rough draft posted with active reference links)
Scroll down at No More RCC for the new section,
The Political Fallout of Criminal Charges Against Corporations:
subtitled: The Failings Of Campaign Financing


McCann said he plans to teach at Marquette University and
write a book about prosecution. NO ETA given.
Maybe the title will be;
"The Red, White And Blue Collar Crime Of America"

Suggestions on how to organize a social movement
to demand criminal accountability of corporate officials
for the crimes they commit with corporations, rather than
the usual "prosecution in civil court" with out criminal
penalties against the individuals, would be most welcome.


The Toxic Reverend
An Environmental Technologist
The Toxic Reverend
Justice Is Homeless
Who's a criminal ?

Obama appointed Cover Up Guru Ken Feinberg 4 the BP Gulf Oil Disaster American Roulette #rcc


Peer Reviewed Medical Journal on Chronic
Illnesses, cancers and Stealth Infections
from Bio-weapons of the non-lethal variety
The Gulf War Vets have posted
"Beyond Treason"
What you do not know could kill you

Toxic Revelations;
Censored information onbiological weapons
and the health care industry The censored
rough draft has been reposted
Reference material reposted at:


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  2. My concept of "Red Collar Crime"
    (American Roulette)
    started in about 2000, while I was driving around on Firestone Tires.

    Skeletons in the Courthouse:
    Hazards to the Public Remain Secret.
    is a rather censored report and hard to find.
    Since the web page "No More Red Collar Crime(Archived)" was censored, I re-posted it at the "Justice Is Homeless" blog on Thursday, November 5, 2009 as
    Hazards to the Public Remain Secret

    Much of my obsession with this, stems from my being denied emergency mental health care on
    March 23 of 1999.

    Of which has led me to post a blog with a peer reviewed medical journal linked in, that states most mental illness are actually caused by toxic chemical exposures. And I am an Environmental Technologist that is going blind with macular degeneration from toxic chemical exposures. All of that is posted
    at my Myspace profile.


    "The Toxic Reverend"

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  4. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!


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