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CDC National Conversation on Public Health and Chemical Exposures

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The Center For Disease Control And Prevention is asking for comments on their
National Conversation on Public Health and Chemical Exposures
Comment period extended until September 27, 2010
See the comment "work groups" page to view "drafts"
and submit comments to be included

National Conversation on Public Health and Chemical Exposures
UPDATE: The period for public comment on the National Conversation workgroup reports is being extended and will run through September 27th! You have another week to add your voice to this important part of the conversation. Visit our National Conversation partner RESOLV to read the reports and offer feedback:

A short excerpt from
The Toxic Lotto ;

Bill Moyers of the Public Broadcasting System did a show named
Trade Secrets and has created a web page of the same name (26).
There is to much documentation there to list, in regard to "industry"
covering up the damage to OUR HEALTH from toxic chemicals, for
over fifty years.

In many instances, toxic chemicals can multiply in their "Toxic Impact",
rather than add.

"Just as toxic chemicals can multiply in toxicity when mixed (and impair the immune system, as can radiation exposure), so can infectious agents multiply in their pathogenic potential, when combined" -

Database summarizes toxic chemical contaminants and approximately
180 human diseases - conditions.

My review and comments about it are at :>

They do appear to be missing the "cumulative effects" of the
and interactions with other "combination's'. Such as the
"Infectious Combination's" and the "Epigenetic Response"
that is governed by nutrition (Nutrition and the Epigenome). .

Or as I have stated in other places;

"Multiple Combination's"
that applies to The Toxic Lotto,
with regard to chemical exposures,
infectious agents, radiation exposures
and genetic as well as epigenetic responses,

that can be modified with Nutrition for the Epigenome.
As explained about 2/3's of the way down my March 2010 blog,

This can lead to some confusion for proper diagnosis, as
doctors have not been taught about mycoplasma infections
for decades, as Nicolson explains in the video
Bio-Weapons; Incapacitating Agents, Chronic Illnesses and GWI
at "Toxic Revelations"but is actually called
"Biological Warfare; Experiments on the American people".

Of interest in the video is the information about vaccines not being
screened for mycoplasma contamination's.

While the mycoplasma infections are associated with many
chronic illnesses like Lymes Disease, other co-existing infections
are believed to be the main causative agent, as depected in the
movie "Under Our Skin". It describes most things about the
"general operating procedure" of and "di-information" surronding
a non-lethal biological weapon (aka Incapacitating Agent), except
name it as such.

It is my understanding that Lyme disease is triggered by spiral-
shaped bacteria, similar to the microorganisms that cause syphilis.
The infection often co-exists with a mycoplasma infection, but not
always. Still,
Brucellosis causes Lyme Disease and is listed as a non-lethal bioweapon.

Yet Lyme disease is one of the most misunderstood and
controversial illnesses of our time. Difficult to test accurately,
tens of thousands of people go undiagnosed—or misdiagnosed with
such conditions as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, autism, MS and ALS.

Gulf War Illness, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Rheumatoid Arthritis
and many more, are all heavily associated with another
"Incapacitating Agent" known as mycoplasma fermentans
that has been shown to be "genetically spliced" and a weapon.
As Nicolson explains in the prior mentioned video as well as
his book "Project Day Lily".

The two infectious have symptoms that often causes one to
be diagnosed as the other and can also co-exist in the same patient.
Many of the same symptoms can also be caused by a toxic chemical
exposure, alone. Hence my "Toxic Lotto" perspective and prior
statements about:
A Database summarizes toxic chemical contaminants and approximately
180 human diseases - conditions.

My review and comments about it are at :>

"Project Day Lily":
Chronicles the events surrounding the "Gulf War Syndrome” suffered
by over 150,000 veterans (and tens of thousands dead) without proper
acknowledgment or treatment to keep secret the origin of their illnesses.
Were our Armed Forces exposed to chemical and biological toxins that
were supplied, in part, by a sinister network of rogue bureaucrats,
intelligence operatives and scientists? This is the story of how one of
these biological agents was found by two American scientists as part
of a massive testing program and how various academic and government
employees did everything in their power to keep this information secret.

The book is based on a true story. The authors wrote Project Day Lily
in order to shed light on a crisis facing our country and the world. A
fictional format was used to maximize dramatic content; the events
described are true, and the scientific principles discussed in the book
have been documented in the authors’ publications, reports and sworn
testimony to Presidential Commissions and committees of the U. S. Congress.

Project Day Lily is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Fred Conrad
(Colonel, USAF, retired) and five other academic colleagues who died
under mysterious circumstances while investigating aspects of the
alleged illegal testing of Biological Weapons in Texas hospitals, nursing
homes and prisons. This book is also dedicated to the men and women
of our Armed Services and their family members who were put in harm’s
way and were never properly warned about the dangers of Biological
Weapons, and to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice personnel
and its prisoners and to the people of the Great State of Texas who
were betrayed and lost their health and loved ones to a vicious agenda
in the name of ‘National Security’.

Reference list of
Mysterious deaths of microbiologists,
documents names and strange circumstances of their deaths
Goes to

Not a hard group to track.
They leave dead microbiologists where ever they go - TK

More over, the CEO's of most large drug companies do not
have any formal medical background and are mostly
from a educational background of finances.

Combined with the fact that medical doctors are only trained with about
four hours of nutritional schoolings and even less in toxicology, it becomes
easy to see why we have a problem. It is as though the left hand is kept
from knowing what the right hand is doing.

The Sunshine Project was the only real watchdog group
for about biological weapons and biotechnology. They have
suspended operations because of a lack of funding and donations.


Please pardon my being slow, but this macular degeneration is a challenge,;

Please note: Toxic Revelations (at Puups Theories) and Toxic Revelations (editing)
Information at "The Toxic Lotto" and s my Toxic Tweets

Coast To Coast AM radio Show
Date 09-18-10 from 11 PM to 2 AM Pacific Time
Ian's guest is the"Toxic Reverend" aka "Justice Is Homeless"
aka Tom Krohmer, who'll discuss the effects of toxic chemicals
and non-lethal biological weapons on human health.
live in over 500 cities in the USA, alone. Plus the Internet.
Stations listings

I had been schedules for last Saturday, but the host
Ian became ill.

The topic will be mental illness, toxic chemicals and
non-lethal biological weapons. Mentally ill or toxic victims ?

My being turned away fro the emergency mental health hospital in 1999
will be a part of the topic. As well as a few of the deaths that I had
tracked in this county, from the denial of mental health services in
Sonoma County, California. Home of the Bohemian Grove.

In an attempt to keep things "balanced", I do intend to mention
that my circumstances could have been worse. I could have
gotten the best care that this county has to offer. As did Tom

For those of you that do not know:

Published on April 2, 2000- The Press Democrat

From what I understand, he designed the contract with Sutter
Hospital that operates Nortan Center for the county.

May he rest in peace.
Recovery is a part of the conversation, too.


Blog posted:

Environmental Connections: Toxic Victims or Mentally Ill ? (view more)

Posted at:

The Toxic Reverend - Myspace
Information on my macular degeneration from apparent
toxic chemical exposures with a photo of my retina are
posted in the "about me" of the above profile.

In reference:

a: Boy Testifies, (2 homicides (by man denied emergency
psyche care that night) The Press Democrat
4-7-00, by Clark mason
press democrat newspaper

' Published on Saturday, July 22, 2000
The Press Democrat, By LORI A. CARTER(Was she also "denied psych care?)

OF THE OFFICERS' 13 BULLETS, Published on Thursday,
November 30, 2000
The Press Democrat, By MARY CALLAHAN
("Suicide by Cop", family members told me that he was denied care. Though the
paper never reported that and only printed negative stories about him.

cited with denial of psyche care)
The Press Democrat, April 02, 2000,

e: 7 DEAD IN 17 DAYS, Sonoma County Free Press
Police shootings of some but not all the 7, mentally ill

f: Police Brutality in Californiaand the North Coast,
Sonoma County free Press, by

Lists numerous cases of police abuse and shootings

I had to stop tracking such things, some years ago. It took too much of
an emotional toll and the web sites kept getting censored, too.

But this is still an ongoing "situation".


Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption
posted at
Excellent documentation. Please note the comment section, too.

The above post links to the

Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption - The New York Review of Books
New York Review of Books
Volume 56, Number 1 · January 15, 2009

By Ashley Simmons Hotz May 15, 2002

Since "Poison For Profit" has been censored and even removed from the
Archives Wayback Machine, I have uploaded a pdf version of the report
at the bottom of this page as, Poison_for_Profit.pdf 26k -

A number of other advocates have also been re-posting the entire
"Poison For Profit" web page and it can be found with a
search of the title of the report and the authors name (157)

Since NAMI has been getting it's roots watered by
the large pharmaceutical companies, the leading mental
health advocacy group is Mindfreedom International,
with Davcid Oaks and Drug Awareness with Ann Blake
Tracy Ph.D.

With reference to NAMI, please see the

Mother Jones Magazine issue
Nov-Dec 1999 article
"An influential mental health nonprofit (NAMI) finds it's
grassroots watered by pharmaceutical million$"

Other Resources:

Toxic Reverend Twitter posting:>

Chemical Exposures Low Levels and High Stakes free download or buy book $100

The above is a 900 page book and an excellent source
of information. They also mention using enzymes to
help detox.

End of Toxic Reverend Twitter postings.

One of the formost leading advocacy groups fighting this is
The Environmental Working Group. They have every thing from
"Action Alerts", news letters, cheat sheets for toxic chemicals
exposures in your home, food shopping guides, water database,
sunscreen lotion data base, safe cosmetics and more. Just too
much to list and I highly recomend them.


The Toxic Reverend


  1. i am relistening to your interview on coast am and i have chronic mycoplasmic pneumonia, i am also very interested in the MISUSE or "psychiatric" drugs, and the MISDIAGNOSIS of "psychiatric" illness which really dont exist, really these are SYMPTOMS of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and I lost 30 years of my life to false diagnosis and being told that there is nothing wrong with me.

    I would also like to talk to you about work that my doctor is doing for veterans. we cant get anyone to listen.


  2. Good post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.

  3. Hey really nice website, I noticed your website when doing study on some methods to develop my web log. I was simply inquiring which spam software system you use for comments as I get tons on my site.
    I never comment on blogs, but this one is awesome! Thanks.

  4. There are various theories floating around about health care at the moment. Each and every single one has an ideal attached to it, in which every single individual gets accessible health care whenever they need it at an affordable rate. However, very few of them actually put a plan into action that dictates how the ideal would be achieved.

  5. Ostaderm: FYI I am legally blind with macular degeneration and mostly use my Google+ profile (linked in at the top of the page).

    The Plan
    First isolate and then neutralize the cause of numerous illnesses.

    I have posted a link to a Database lists over 160 illnesses with the toxic chemicals
    that can cause them is now linked in with a review and comments at :>
    The Toxic Reverend - Tribe
    Doctors are given less than four hours of nutritional training and even less training in toxicology. It is as though they are
    trained to treat the symptoms rather than address the problem.

    The specific causes of illnesses like macular degeneration from variables such as the cumulative effects of toxic chemicals and their "total toxic impact" (as opposed to what researchers call the "total body burden") will have to be isolated and neutralized.
    In reference:
    Cumulative Effects Of Toxic Chemicals On Human Health - Information Dump

    Now how "crazy" is that ?
    Before you really contemplate that question, you might want to consider this next post:

  6. The Bottom Line and Censored Truth

    U.S. Lags in Toxicity Data
    Wednesday, May 3, 2000
    Los Angeles Times, By SUNNY KAPLAN
    is archived at


    The nation's health experts are unable to gauge the effect of many potentially toxic
    chemicals on humans because the federal government has failed to study such exposure and has "a long way to go" before remedying the situation, according to a report released Tuesday by the research arm of Congress.

    The study by the General Accounting Office was begun nearly two years ago at the request of Democratic Reps. Henry A. Waxman and Maxine Waters, both of Los Angeles, Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco and other members of Congress.

    Pelosi announced the findings Tuesday at a House subcommittee hearing on children and environmental health.

    A study reviewed more than 1,400 chemicals that pose potential threats to human health and found that only 6% are being tracked by HHS and the EPA. And only a small percentage
    of the chemicals known or thought to be carcinogenic are being tracked by the government, the study found.

    End of excerpts from:

    Title of newspaper article;

    U.S. Lags in Toxicity Data
    Wednesday, May 3, 2000
    Los Angeles Times, By SUNNY KAPLAN
    is archived at


    The link to the Congressional Report in
    question at the above linked in newspaper is

    Testimony on Children's Health and the Environment by Richard J. Jackson, M.D., M.P.H.
    Director, National Center for Environmental Health Centers for Disease Control and Prevention U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - posted at >

    Additionally, please note that the dates of the above reports and the date of this next news story

    Another Example >

    Use of potentially harmful chemicals kept secret under law
    By Lyndsey Layton, Washington Post, Monday, January 4, 2010

    More Justice Is Homeless Favorite Toxic Tweats at


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