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Toxic Ganja: What Dangerous Chemicals Are In Your Pot (marijuana) ?

The Mother Jones Magazine article:

What Dangerous Chemicals Are In Your Pot ?
By By Josh Harkinson , Mother Jones January 30, 2011

Partial excerpt from the article:

In practice, medical marijuana is typically greener than 
pot from your curbside drug dealer, which is often sourced 
through Mexican cartels or illegal grows in  national forests. 
But the distinction pretty much stops there. Grown under the 
radar of state and federal agricultural authorities, even 
"medical" cannabis can  be covered in toxic mold, raised in 
rooms filled with shedding pit bulls, or coated in commercial-
grade synthetic fertilizers and insecticides such as phosphate 
and Diazinon, which can be especially toxic if improperly 
applied. "Under our program a huge advantage is the 
patient can be assured that their cannabis is being grown 
in a legally compliant manner," says Van Hook. Well, at least 
"legally compliant" enough for any eco-conscious stoner.

Next excerpts:

Van Hook founded Clean Green, a certification 
program for medical marijuana farmers that's nearly 
identical to the USDA's organics program

Though medical marijuana is legal in 15 states, most 
of them don't inspect pot farms for compliance with 
agricultural laws. Which where Van Hook's status as 
an accredited "apples-to-zucchini" USDA-certified 
organic farm inspector comes in: He's denied some 
pot growers Clean Green certification for infractions 
such a using composted human feces to fertilize plants, 
growing plants near livestock pens that coat buds in 
manure dust, or setting off a bug bomb in a grow 
room shortly before harvesting.

End of partial excerpt.

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While marijuana is legal in California if you 

have a "medical card" (and my doctors have 
offered me one), I do not use it. But I do support 
and advocate for those that do.  It is far less dangerous
that many pharmaceutical drugs.  Unless it contains 
"toxic chemicals" that do not and should not be in it. 

 Some of my perspectives and "opinions" on battling 
addictions can be found and blogged at "Straight Kink".


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  1. Clean Green, a certification program for medical marijuana farmers that's nearly identical to the USDA's organics program
    Clean Green

  2. The data is very good. To begin a serious study.Thanks for the info.


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