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Your Toxic Gonads and Mercury: Pollutant Changes Sexual Preference

Update for Valentine’s Day 2011:

90 Non-Toxic Ways to Show Your Love This 
Valentine’s Day

Fragil: a report by Green Peace listing medical
journals on common gonad busting chemicals

Top Tips to Keep Toxic Chemicals at Bay
Posted at the "Safe Chemicals - Healthy Families" blog

Plus ASPARTAME hiding in your sweets

More censored information on ASPARTAME at
Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
Mission Possible World Health International

Suggestions and comments on starting a  
"Save the Gonads" campaign can be left 
as a comment.
I am think of posting a VD blog 4 it.

End of  Valentine’s Day update

The article titled
Pollutant Changes Sexual Preference
is linked in below. But there are a few things that
you need to know, first. The reference material
for my statements and conclusions are given
after the linked in article - TK

This blog presents a number of articles and reports
that discuss common toxic chemicals that can also
change your sexual preferences. As well as the mixture
of such chemicals multiplying in their toxic impact,
rather than adding, when combined. Many of the
"common chemicals" are known as "endocrine disruptors".
Since your gonads are a part of the endocine system, you
might think of these as "Nad Buster's".


Update of  February 5 2011

A funny cartoon video about toxic chemicals is not 

a joke. It is "Edutainment" about Toxic Chemical Exposure

The video is posted with "Action Links for the Safe Chemical Act"" at

End of February 5 2011 update

"If ya think the thought" ;
In the tradition of the San Francisco slang factory,
comments with new slang terms that are both socially
acceptable and "ear catching", would be appreciated.

It is worth noting that the average American has already
chemicals" that can also "modulate your mood".

Over the past decade, it has become clear that the brain synthesizes steroid
hormones by using some of the same steroidogenic enzymes found in adrenals
and gonads (reviewed in refs. 1 and 2). These compounds were given the name
neurosteroids (3), and some of their functions have been elucidated (4).

Translation (my opinion):
SSRI's might be used to treat the symptoms
of common toxic chemicals exposures. To my
knowledge, the effects of SSRI's combined with
toxic chemicals exposures has not been studied
and may very well be the cause of "adverse reactions's".

Pollutant Changes Sexual Preference

by Cassandra Willyard
Published in ScienceShot on 30 November 2010
Scientists have long known that mercury in the environment can harm wildlife. A new study shows it can also change their sexual preference. Researchers collected 120 white ibis chicks from the wild and raised them in captivity for 3 years. They fed some of the birds a diet laced with mercury, a common pollutant from coal-burning power plants. As the team reports online today in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 55% of male birds in the group exposed to the highest level of mercury, 0.3 parts per million, formed mating pairs with other males.

End of excerpt.
Please note that the above article about mercury being a
pollutant that can Change Sexual Preference DOES NOT
consider the cumulative effects, nor the effects of mixing
lead or any other chemical in with the exposure to mercury.

Caution: Connecting these "Toxic Tweets"
can reveal a rather perverse scenari.
Also note:
An article that lists peer reviewed medical journal
articles about common toxic chemicals that can
feminize boys and cause girls to become masculine
that was published by Green Peace and titled "Fragile"
is linked in with a few other articles, at ;

Toxic Gonads R & D "All about the money" - with photo
Your gonads are a part of what modern medicine calls
the "Endocrine System".

So when you hear them talking about Toxic chemical
exposures to "
endocrine disruptors" they are
talking about "Ball Busters", Egg Crunchers",
"Breast Levelers"

The "Toxic Sermon" that I am preaching about this
demands participation form the congregation.
So feel free to "shout it out", if you think you have
any alternative names ( euphemism's - slang) for

these toxic chemicals known as "endocrine disruptors"

End of excerpt.

Additional: copy / paste of "Toxic Tweets" from
Toxic Reverend - Twitter

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Tom Krohmer
Environmental Technologist
Toxic Reverend - Twitter

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