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FDA Inadequate: Fecal Matter on 72% of all grocery cart handles

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The (Toxic) Operating Procedure of 
Modern Medicine and Health Care
By The Tom Krohmer, Environmental Technologist
The Toxic Reverend


With Cited and Vetted Reference Material given first:

Fecal Matter on 72% of all grocery cart handles, (and E. coli too!
March 3, 2011 By Heather VanNest WTSP-TV, Tampa-St. Petersburg, Fla.
USA Today Newspaper posting

A University of Arizona researcher says you may want to grab one of those
disinfectant wipes right before you grab a grocery cart.

Professor Charles Gerba, the lead researcher, swabbed
the handles of 85 carts in four states for bacterial contamination.

Gerba says 72% of the carts had a positive marker for fecal bacteria.
When they examined some of the samples, they found Escherichia coli,
also known as E. coli, on half of them.

Researchers say they actually found more fecal bacteria on grocery
cart handles than you would typically find in a bathroom, mainly
because bathrooms are disinfected more often than shopping carts.
Click the link fo ther full story. posted at USA Today

Isolating Precursors and Proposing Solutions:
Reported outbreaks of food-borne illness have increased in connection
with domestic and foreign produce. Roughly 76 million people become
sick each year in the United States after eating contaminated food,
325,000 are hospitalized and some 5,000 die (1a).

The reasons that these "crap carts" have not been adequately dealt with;
are numerous.  According to a 2010 report released by the Institute of Medicine
and the National Research Council that was commissioned by Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wis.)
the "FDA needs an overhaul"(1a).

The problems with such government agencies go far beyond their inadequate
responses. While simply making the public aware of the contamination on shopping
carts could reduce many illnesses, this example is only the tip of a really sick and
toxic iceberg.

The report concerning the "FDA needs an overhaul"(1a) falls short of reporting
a number of factors. For instance, this report actually states that;

The FDA lacks the scientific data and analytical expertise to identify
the most problematic areas and the most effective preventative approaches.
For instance,
while scientists know that cattle carry E. coli that can make
people ill, they aren't sure how the bacteria contaminate fresh produce

End of quote from (1a) .

The facts are that turning off a water facet after washing

your hands can cross contaminate your hands with such germs.
Of which is to say that your hands can pick up such germs from the
handles of grocery carts and that you can then cross contaminate
the produce that you handle, in a grocery store.  Of which does
endanger our countries entire food supple.  Especially from the
perspective of a biological weapons attack. 

A number of government agencies have been well aware of this "situation",
for years (2a).  Even the "Myth Busters" have done shows about how germs
spread that include wall light switches to computer keyboards.  In fact,
the Myth Busters have done numerous shows about the transmission
of germs.  Just go to and type "germs" into
the search box (with out the quotation marks).

Frankly, I think Homeland Security might benefit from watching that show.

Not to change the subject of protecting our food supply. The manner in which such
propaganda usually obscures the facts is of importance.  So I am going to attemp
to expose some of the various factors that enable these "situations" to continue
and repeat themselves over and over again.

The accountability aspect with such contamination as Salmonella, is addressed
later in this report.

Unfortunately, the most often cited cases of how such a "situation" could manifest
are comprised of "propaganda".  Such as making reference to the a biological
weapons attack on Americana's, in America. In which hundreds were sickened,
in a small Oregon town (1984), by followers of "The Love Guru" aka "Osho"
aka "Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh". 

It is speculative as to who and how the actual germs were spread becaue no one
was ever charged with the crime.  The Rajneesh had brought in enough people to
out vote the citizens of Cantaloupe and renamed the city, Rajneeshpuram. Of
which had also put a Congressional seat with in their grasp. Prior to this, there were
Congressional allegations of residents in the city of Cantaloupe having been poisoned
to disrupt their voting process. But calling the salad bar contamination with Salmonella
the biggest biological weapons attack on US soil in history is plain propaganda for a
good number of reason (5a).  In fact, the history of the United States Army giving blankets
to the American Indians that were contaminated with Smallpox out does this bye far. And
if you consider the present day (but highly censored) "Biological Warfare Experiments on
the American Public" (7a)
that is posted at "Toxic Revelations" (6a ,6b) you might get a clue
to the reality. But the "Rabbit Hole" goes far beyond this "Toxic Revelations" (6a ,6b).

An Associated Press article about an artificial blood substitute
experiments in 1999 (and on going) in which 24 people
were given artificial blood at an emergency room with
out their knowledge or consent and died from it (8a).

Another is a link to the FDA Law page (9a) that the Associated
newspaper article refers to as "the laws were changed in 1996".
And I have added a link to the 2001 Seattle Times five part
series about the medical experiments in which patients
died titled "Uninformed Consent" that exposes what
information was with held from the patients that did agree
to participate in the medical experiments.

Bye the way. a simple Google search reveals that the
artificial blood substitute program is still on going now,
February 28, 2011.  I just used the search terms
"artificial blood medical experiments" and found a string
of posting about current experiments.


If you do not think this concerns you:

   You could get into a car wreck, rendered unconscious
and given artificial blood with out your knowledge or
consent, today !!!

  So to me, iIt does sound reasonable that the "COINTELPRO" operative were brought out in a
rather successful campaign to undermine the Rajneesh.  Leaving a number of people
to speculate that the food poisoning (biological weapons attack) might have been
the handy work of our governments "COINTELPRO" program. Many o9f my realizations
concerning this are "after the fact" for the simple reason that I was living in the Rajneesh
Commune in 1984.  But I can tell you that the media was caulked full of propaganda about
that commune.

Current and ongoing: (But Censored)

How Paul Wolfowitz Authorized Human Experimentation at Guantánamo #wikileaks #censored #bioethics #obama #canlegate
Saturday, December 11, 2010 7:09:20 PM via web

  WIKILEAKS CABLE REVEILS OBAMA DID STOP Guantánamo PROBE #WikiLeaks #CableGate #infodeath #leakspin
#bioethics Saturday, December 11, 2010 7:11:28 PM via web

Political aspects concerning the "Corrupted Operating Procedures:

  When I reviewed the members of the committees that wrote the FDA Overhaul Report (1a)
I found that many members were heavily associated with "CODEX".  Including a member if
the Institute of Medicine that did not have a medical degree of any type listed.  Though I did
discover that they belonged to an extremely large and powerful grocery lobbyist group.

 A group of over 52 Nobel Laureates have signed together with thousands of the worlds
best scientists (and Academy of Science Award winners) with the Union of Concerned
Scientist's, "Integrity In Science Program" that addresses the political interference and
"Abuses of Science" with "Agency-specific Solutions". But presently appears devoid of
solutions for the Food and Drug Administration..

The "Scientific Integrity" program does state;

Political interference in federal government science is weakening our nation's ability
to respond to the complex challenges we face. Because policy makers depend on
impartial research to make informed decisions, we are mobilizing scientists and
citizens alike to push for reforms that will enable our leaders to fully protect our
health, safety, and environment.

The reports by the UCS concerning the FDA (3a, 4a) do highlight some of the problems
that the Congressional Report ignores (1a). But the reports (3a, 4a) also fall short of
identifying some of the problems.

Criminal aspects concerning the "Corrupted Operating Procedures:

Former FDA reviewer Dr. Gamal Akabani repeatedly recommended against clearing
radiation-emitting devices used to treat cancer under the accelerated system, saying
the devices needed to undergo actual testing to prove their safety and effectiveness.
Between 2007 and 2008, Akabani said he was frequently pressured by supervisors
to change his opinion, he said in an interview with The Associated Press.

In the final incident, Akabani’s manager asked about the health of his wife, who has
cancer, and his son, who was born severely handicapped. According to Akabani, the
manager suggested his job — and health insurance for his family — would be safe as
long as he cooperated with his supervisors.

“It shook me to the core because I realized that he was coercing me,” said Akabani,
who resigned from the FDA and currently teaches nuclear physics at Texas A&M University.

Dr. Gamal Akabani
Associate Professor, Nuclear Engineering
Date of Appointment: 2008

Dr Gamal Akabani Nuclear Engineering radiation dangers

Source of the report:
Feds reopen probe into medical scanner approvals
Inspectors to re-examine allegations that FDA scientists were pressured to clear devices
Matthew Perrone, Associated Press Health Writer,
On Tuesday September 28, 2010, 4:52 pm EDT
Presently "page not found"
A search on the title of the article reveals a number of postings, 
 such as the Seattle Times at

  since the one that I had been using is now gone, this one might go, too.

Undermined ("Miners Cut" ) aspects concerning the "Corrupted Operating Procedures:

Variable Interactions of Various Combination;s
and "Hidden Factors"

With regard to:

Nutrition for the Epigenome.
as it applies to the
Healing Foods Pyramid Glossary

"Multiple Combination's" that interact
with each other and apply to 
The Toxic Lotto, with regard to
chemical exposures, infectious agents,
radiation exposures and genetic as
well as epigenetic responses,

that can be modified with
Nutrition for the Epigenome.

And if this were not complicated enough, please note
the blog I have posted:
Organic Scams and The Politics of Food (free movie)

The EWG has exposed such "situations" as
Baby Green Organic Lettuce having the
highest concentration of a toxic chemical
called perchlorate (a rocket fuel additive).

End of excerpt


Excerpt from; The Toxic Lotto

Toxic chemicals that the CDC has found in many HEALTHY
Americans (21,22) main source of exposure "food" ( 144,
82, tf1,tf2).

144 Troubling chemicals detected in people
Phthalates and their uses 
by Daniel P. Jones The Hartford Courant August 26, 2000 
Interview with John Brock from the Center for Disease Control
Archived at:

End of excerpt from; The Toxic Lotto


Many vitamins and supplements are ineffective and or toxic
and can actually make you sick. Depending on the brand name.

Some have the ratios out of balance and the manufactures do not have to list the binders used.
This has a direct impact on research that deals with epigenetic responses,
that can be modified with Nutrition for the Epigenome.

Example: article titled:
“Not All Nutraceuticals Are Created Equal”
Interview with Jack Kleid, MD
JANA Volume 2. No 1., Winter 1999 page 60
More information can be found at
Beyond Health

I do highly recommend that researchers list the names
of the products and
manufactures of the vitamins and
supplements when publishing their research on the
nutritional aspects of various disorders that also includes
any and all information of any financial ties with the products used.
(My favorites are the ones with out any "
financial ties").
Yhis is an important issue with regard a rather large number
of issues.

One example are the "fish oil studies" witrh Omega 3 oil.
Please note that the following article lists fish oil brands
tested, by their order of toxicity
with PCBs,and this cover
up was prior to the BP Oil Disaster

 Fish Oil Company Kicked Out of Trade Show
for Exposing Contamination,
published by

Written by ModernMom Staff on March 2, 2010
URL has changed to:

The present "situation" of Gulf Coast Food (and more)
is posted at blog of Sunday January 30th, 2011 titled;

Toxic Gulf Food and Gulf Residents Bleeding from Ears - Eyewitness news video BP Gulf Oil 'Spill':

Now you might doubt this because the main news media has
been ignoring the story.  But consider connecting these next
three Tweets:
FDA needs overhaul report by National Research Council, Institute of Medicine commissioned by Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wis.) Aug 06 2010 17:46:39

The Operating Procedure of Modern Medicine and Health Care
By The Tom Krohmer, Environmental Technologist
The Toxic Reverend


A Congressional Report in the May of 2000 shows that less than 6%
of the known 1,400 chemicals that threaten human health are tracked
with regard to chronic illnesses and cancers (8) as reported in a
Los Angeles Times newspaper story (9).

As an Environmental Technologist I can not imagine a health care
system that could be viable when it ignores toxic chemical exposures

This review also cites resources and suggests solutions to the political
interferences that influences the scientific integrity of several
government agencies, private and public universities, corporations
and our entire health care system.

Main text:

The paradigm of singular cause and effect with respect to chronic illnesses
is outdated. Unfortunately, the training of health care professionals has not
caught up with such research.

   Specifically, doctors are not given enough training in the nutritional aspects
of good health.  And even less with regard to the impact toxic chemical exposures.
The various responses of a patient immune system to infectious agents can be
influenced by both nutritional factors and toxic chemical exposures.

Yet, physicians are not given adequate training in nutrition nor toxicology to
really address either issue.  And even when a patient is referred to a toxicologist,
it is usually for evaluation of singular exposures and the cumulative effects of
multiple exposures are not considered as causing a variance in the tolerable
levels.  More over, a patients response to chemical exposures can vary according
to their nutritional health "combinations". 

   This perspective of "cross training" is also applicable to other aspects of
improving the health care system.

For instance, the Chief Executive Officer of the majority of pharmaceutical
companies have no real medical training and are most often only have a
background in finances.
This is also true of many of the managers in the Food and Drug Administration
that over see the work of the FDA's scientists and researchers. The "political
influences" on decisions made by government agencies have been well documented
as a "corrupting force" on the decisions rules and regulations of the EPA, FDA and
far too many other government agencies to list, here.  But this issue alone is so
obvious and important that I am citing the combined  work of over fifty Nobel
Laureates, with Academy of Science Award Winners and thousands of the worlds
best scientists that have all signed onto the Union of Concerned Scientists
"Integrity In Science" program.

   The basic overview given is (and I quote);

Political interference in federal government science is weakening our nation's
ability to respond to the complex challenges we face. Because policy makers
depend on impartial research to make informed decisions, we are mobilizing
scientists and citizens alike to push for reforms that will enable our leaders to
fully protect our health, safety, and environment.

The Union of Concerned Scientists have also posted the
The A to Z Guide of Political Interference in Science

As well as "Agency-specific Solutions"

Additionally, a report by the National Research Council and the Institute
of Medicine and commissioned by Sen. Herb Kohl (1), said the agency 
is hamstrung by limited resources and gaps in research-gathering and

"The report sheds light on the reasons that, despite FDA's commitment to
keeping our food supply safe, we still see hundreds of thousands of cases
of serious illness each year caused by food-borne contamination. It's a
useful guide on how we can improve and modernize our food safety system.
While some of the recommendations are already under way at FDA, this
report provides clear goals we can all work toward," said Kohl, who is the
chairman of the Senate Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee, which
has jurisdiction over funding for the FDA.

How ever, the report (1) does not appear to address the "political influences"
of what has been termed "the revolving door" from large corporations and
their executives into many of the high ranking administration offices of our
government, in Washington DC. From the National Institute of Health to the
Food and Drug Administration and beyond.  In fact, there are some aspects
of the report (1) that cause it appear to be more of a "White Wash" of the
real causes and conditions of "The Revolving Door".

"The revolving door" is easily shown with an Internet search
term, "revolving door Washington DC drugs chemical companies".
For one explicit example that concerns current events, there is the situation
of the nine current and former FDA medical device reviewers alleging that
the agency managers improperly overruled their opinions with regard to the
safety of medical X-ray devices (2).  Of which is also applicable to air port
scanning devices and the consequent "money trail" (3). As well as the
"Money Trail" of Who is Who in the toxic chemical war of our health (4) that
allowed industries to influence the collapse of the overhaul of the 34-year-old
Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) to make it easier for EPA to take
dangerous chemicals off the market and ensure that the substitutes are safe (5).

The FDA whistleblowers point to multiple occasions in which managers overruled
their rejections of medical scanners, without properly documenting the reason,
as required by FDA regulations. At least three of the whistleblowers have left
the agency in the last year, saying their contracts were terminated after they
sent letters of complaint to Congress, the administration and other outside groups.

One of those whistleblowers, Dr. Julian Nicholas, said he has never been interviewed
by the inspector general's office. Nicholas, an Oxford-trained intestinal specialist, said
that his contract as a medical reviewer was terminated after he repeatedly opposed
approving a CT scanner for routine colon cancer screening. Nicholas said that he
objected to exposing otherwise healthy patients to the cancer risks of routine radiation

Dr. Julian Nicholas has been quoted as saying;
"It's hard for me to believe this was a bona fide investigation when they haven't even
contacted the people who reported these violations," said Nicholas, now a practicing
gastroenterologist at the Scripps Clinic in San Diego. "Such a huge amount of money
is at stake and so many people are affected, that for the (office of inspector general)
not to conduct a credible investigation is criminal in itself (2)".

How such "political influences" that corrupt our government agencies are well
explained in a short Youtube video (6) by a couple of ex-FOX News Investigative
Journalists that were "forced out" of their jobs after attempting to expose corruption
in the FDA decision making process with respect to the bovine growth hormone,
(or BGH) that is injected into cows and the impacts on human health. The
documentation that exposes this alleged "cover-up" is also posted by the same
journalists at their web page about it (7). The Youtube Video by Steve Wilson
and his wife gives a simplistic overview of the multiple government agencies,
university professors, lawyers, news organizations and others, that participated
in the "disinformation" of BGH  by the Monsanto Corporation (7).

There are too many other examples to list 
and cite in this manner.  But the same "techniques" have been used with other
drugs and chemicals that directly effect the overall health care system.

 It is not my intention to pick out one example of the "Reckless Operation of
a Corporation" (7).  There are far too many example both in and out of the
health care industry to cite. As well as the "Confidentiality Agreements" (7) that
are also used in other similar scenarios, contracts as well as out of court settlements.
A rather long list of "reckless operation of corporations"  that have resulted in
"Negligent Homicides" is documented in a censored report titled:
Skeletons in the Courthouse: April 2002 by the Coalition for Consumer Rights
I do have a copy of that PDF report posted as a free download at:
the Toxic Revelations subpage:

American Roulette - Red Collar Crime
"Forget the revolver. We use products and services"
(work in progress)

Multi-Agency Specific Solution:

 Presently, the has been legislation under consideration that will weaken the
"Whistleblower Protection Laws".  While this is being ignored in the major news
media, the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (S. 372)  has more
than just the potential to make a bad situation even worse. The Project on
Government Oversight (10) has been following the legislation (11) that has
been slightly reported in some news agencies and explained simply (12).

Other countries do have another solution for this:


In China, two men sentenced to death
in milk scandal
By Maureen Fan, Washington Post / January 23, 2009

China executed the former head of its
State Food and Drug Administration
on Tuesday, the official Xinhua News Agency
reported. Jul 10, 2007
Zheng sentenced to death in May for
taking bribes to OK substandard drugs - 48k

Just for the record, I am against the death penalty.
But you do have appreciate the contrast of how we
rarely ever prosecute such things in the U.S.A.
It is more like we prostitute rather than prosecute
such criminals. I'll get deeper into that perspective
at the American Roulette page that is linked in below.

The district attorney that convicted Jeffrey Dahmer also convicted ten
corporations of negligent homicide (162). While I have been investigating
why this is so rarely done, I have found another disturbing fact.

Increasingly, non-prosecution and deferred prosecution agreements
have become the settlements of choice for prosecutors and corporate
defense attorneys.

And yet this trend to not criminally prosecute corporate criminals
to conviction is the subject of little serious scrutiny by corporate
crime defense lawyers, reporters, and law school professors.

 The basic concept to stopping the political influences from corrupting
our political system and government agencies must be based on "accountability".
There is need for legislation to impose mandatory criminal charges and
sentencing of corporate executives for the "Reckless Operation of a 

Please note this article titled;

Crime Without Conviction: The Rise of Deferred and Non Prosecution Agreements
By Russell Mokhiber Editor of Corporate Crime Reporter December 28, 2005 and posted at

Cited and Vetted Reference Material:

(1a): Report calls for FDA overhaul
Kohl committee investigating ways to make foods safer
By McClatchy News Service, Journal Sentinel staff June 9, 2010  (1) Comments
The report was made by the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council
that was commissioned by Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wis.)
News article with link to the report is posted at

(2a): Abc News did a story on February 8th, 2007 titled
Shopping Carts More Germy Than Public Restrooms
Arkansas Set to Pass Law Forcing Grocery Stores to Clean Up Their Carts

(3a) : UCS Survey: FDA and USDA Scientists (2010)

(4a) : Survey: FDA Scientists (2006)

(5a) : Osho : The "Love Guru" and Non-lethal Biological Weapons
Blog psted at "StraightKink" Myspace profile

(6a) : Toxic Revelations;
Censored information on biological weapons and the health care industry
An incomplete version is
Toxic Revelations
Rough draft

(6b) : Toxic Revelations;
Interactions of toxic chemical combination's with
infectious agent combination's and nutritional reaction
variations of the epigenetic responses
Editing, link updating and research in progress at

(7a) : Biological Warfare Experiments on the American People
video with Garth Nicolson Ph.D.
by Snowshoe Films about 53 minutes
Posted at the Toxic Reverend Myspace profile as:
Chronic Illnesses and Biological War on the American Public
and / or
I have st the profile controls so that you do not need
a Myspace profile to watch them. Though I have had
some censorship at Myspace, too. Some links will not
work from that profile. But you can copy and paste the URL
addresses into another browser tab.

1: Report calls for FDA overhaul
Kohl committee investigating ways to make foods safer
By McClatchy News Service, Journal Sentinel staff June 9, 2010 

2: Feds Dismiss Misconduct Claims At The FDA
CBS News November 9, 2010

3: Money Trail of Airport Body Scanners
Government gropers at airports a ruse for body scanners coming to schools and malls
By Doug Hagmann Monday, November 15, 2010

4: "Money Trail" of Who is Who in the toxic chemical war of our health
Chemical 'Warfare': Who's Who and What's at Stake
By Sheila Kaplan, Politics Daily November 2010

5: Reform of Toxic Chemicals Law Collapses as Industry Flexes Its Muscles
By Sheila Kaplan, Politics Daily November 2010

6: FOX News Whistle blowers. UNBELIEVABLE!
Youtube Video by Steve Wilson

7: Documentation 
BGH Bulletin 

8; Testimony on Children's Health and the Environment
by Richard J. Jackson, M.D., M.P.H.
Director, National Center for Environmental Health
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - posted at >

9: U.S. Lags in Toxicity Data
Wednesday, May 3, 2000
Los Angeles Times, By SUNNY KAPLAN
is archived at
10:WikiLeaks Misconceptions Derail Progress, Threaten Reform
Project on Government Oversight December 20, 2010 blog

11: Text of S. 372 [111th]: Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2010
December 22, 2010

12: Kill the Bill, by Julia Davis, The Examiner news service December 15, 2010

162: Criminal charges can hit bottom line
For corporations, a criminal conviction may mean small fines,
but larger consequences for business
Copied from The News Journal Staff reporters 06/28/2003
Archived copy at

-- End Of Forwarded Message -----


Tom Krohmer
Environmental Technologist
The Toxic Reverend
- Revelations
Less than 6% of 1,400 chemicals that threaten human health are tracked
A 5-2-2000 Congressional Report is linked into blog of 1-23-10
"As an Environmental Technologist I can not imagine a health care
system that could be viable when it ignores toxic chemical exposures
" - TK
No known relationship to Jon Krohmer MD
Chief Medical Officer of Homeland Security

Doctors Without Morals,
Medical professionals, national security and domestic torture
by Leonard Rubenstein & Stephen Xenakis
March 1, 2010 by The New York Times

Tom Krohmer
Twitter Toxic Reverend
The Toxic Reverend - Myspace
Tom Krohmer - Toxic Reverend - Facebook
Justice Is Homeless
- Blog
Listing solutions while
Tracking the Money Trail of Homeless Criminalization
Justice Is Homeless - Myspace
Justice Is Homeless - Twitter

Toxic Revelations;
Censored information on biological weapons and the health care industry
An incomplete version is
Toxic Revelations
Rough draft
Toxic Revelations;
Interactions of toxic chemical combination's with
infectious agent combination's and nutritional reaction
variations of the epigenetic responses
Editing, link updating and research in progress at

Database lists over 160 illnesses with the toxic chemicals
that can cause them
is now linked in with a review and comments at :>
The Toxic Reverend - Tribe
Doctors are given less than four hours of nutritional training
and even less training in toxicology.  It is as though they arre
trained to treat the symptoms rather than address the problem.

Homicide Charges For Corporations
No More Red Collar Crime

Peer Reviewed Medical Journal on Chronic
Illnesses, cancers and Stealth Infections
from Bio-weapons of the non-lethal variety
The Gulf War Vets have posted
"Beyond Treason"

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