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Scientists mobilizing to fight FDA & EPA corruption

More than 60 influential scientists, including over 40 Nobel laureates, are mobilizing scientists and citizens alike to push for reforms that will protect our health, safety, and environment. They have posted at their web site :>
The Scientific Integrity Program from the Union of Concerned Scientists

Scientific Integrity Update
The 110th Congress is acting to defend science from political interference, holding multiple hearings into UCS reports of scientific censorship and advancing strong whistleblower protections for federal scientists. Thousands of additional scientists have spoken up against the ongoing censorship, manipulation, and distortion of science. More...


FDA Scientists Pressured to Exclude, Alter Findings
The Union of Concerned Scientists released survey results that demonstrate pervasive and dangerous political influence of science at the FDA.


Union of Concerned Scientists - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) is a nonprofit advocacy group.
"In disregarding its own scientists' analysis, the EPA is risking the health of Americans ... - 41k


Bush Appointee Blocked 2006 Surgeon General's Report
Christopher Lee and Marc Kaufman of the Washington Post report on
Sunday 29 July 2007 edition

A 2006 report urging Americans to help tackle global health problems was kept
from public view largely because it did not promote White House objectives.

Take Action: The EPA Closes Its Libraries, Destroys Documents

The scientific information contained in the EPA libraries is essential to the agency's ability
to make fully
informed decisions that carry out its mission of protecting human
health and the environment.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has begun closing its nationwide
network of scientific libraries, effectively preventing EPA scientists and the public
from accessing vast amounts of data and information on issues from toxicology to
pollution. Several libraries have already been dismantled, with their contents either
destroyed or shipped to repositories where they are uncataloged and inaccessible.

The scientific information contained in the EPA libraries is essential to the agency's ability to make fully informed decisions that carry out its mission of protecting human health and the environment. Members of Congress have asked the EPA to cease and desist. Please call EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson at (202) 564-4700 and tell him how much scientists rely on data and literature. Urge him to immediately halt the dismantling of the library system until Congress approves the EPA budget and all materials are readily available online.

Update, 3:00 p.m. EST 12/4: Calls are already flooding in and we've received
reports that the EPA office is making the following arguments:

1. The EPA is not closing any libraries.
2. The EPA is not destroying any documents, only archiving them.
3. It is more effective to call your member of Congress.

The Truth: Five libraries have already closed, with several more having reduced
their hours. Evidence shows that scientific journals have indeed been recycled or
thrown away. And Congress is already aware of this problem; the decision to stop
the closing of libraries and the destruction of documents lies now with Administrator
Johnson. For detailed evidence, click on “Tell me more”.

Visit the Union of Concerned Scientists Action Center ...
http:// - 47k -


Title of article:
The Other Drug War
The FDA is wasting its time impeding
harmless rice imports while ignoring
what may be the fourth-leading cause of
By Michael Castleman
Mother Jones Magazine, November/December 1998 Issue
Excerpt from the above article:

Last spring (1998), scientists at the
University of Toronto announced the
results of a new study: By their
calculations, the fourth-leading cause
of death in the United States is
prescription drugs. They weren't
talking about drug abuse or overdoses,
but rather, appropriately administered,
FDA-approved drugs. Side effects, they
determined, cause close to 106,000
deaths per year. That's more deaths
than the annual totals for AIDS,
suicide, and homicide combined, and
equal to an astonishing 290 deaths per

End of excerpt from:

With suicide being the 8th leading cause of death, consider this>

Title of article:
An influential mental health nonprofit
finds its 'grassroots' watered by
pharmaceutical millions.
By Ken Silverstein
Mother Jones Magazine November/December 1999 Issue

Article title:
By Ashley Simmons Hotz
May 15, 2002 Red Flag Weekly
The huge transnational companies that
produce toxic chemicals found in
pesticides, herbicides and industrial
and household products profit not only
from the sale of these products, but
also from the symptoms and chronic
illnesses that they can trigger.
End of abstract.
The above article is so censored that
it is not even in the Archives Wayback
Machine. It has been re-posted by
numerous advocates, on the web and
copies can be found with this Google
search term:
POISON FOR PROFIT Ashley Simmons Hotz

And that is only the tip of the iceberg.

The Gulf War Vets have posted
"Beyond Treason"
What you do not know could kill you

Toxic Revelations;
Censored information on biological weapons
and the health care industry.
The censored rough draft has been reposted
Reference material reposted at: