Vitamins & Supplements: The Good, The Bad and the Bogus

Vitamins & Supplements: The Good, The Bad and the Bogus Toxic Nutritional Supplements Reference Citation W Short Cliff Notes This is complicated and obscured by the fact that over one third of the vitamins and supplements on the market today are "bogus" and do not contain what their labels say they do ( 5 PDF ,   5a , 5b , 5c , 5d , 5e ). But as a report from 1999 shows (5 pdf page 60 ) this has been known for over a decade and I doubt that it is about to change any time soon. There was also a problem with Omega 3 fish oil  BEFORE the Gulf Oil Disaster { 5e } And some of the plastic bottles {such as used with SOME Flax Seed Oil} that leach toxic neuro chemicals like BPA {and or other chemicals} into the oil. So in "my opinion", only buy food oil , Olive, Hemp, Flax Seed in GLASS. Reference Citation Follows: 5a : Vitamins often do not contain the nutrients they claim By Dominika Osmols.EMax Health Jun 17 2011 Reference 5a of references

New Alternative Nuclear Waste Disposal {1} With The Power Of 5 Nuclear Power Plants {2} & Community {3}

New Alternative #nuclearwaste #disposal { 1 } With The power of 5 nuclear power plants from one  underwater  Volcano's, Ocean Thermal Vent, that can also  produce DISTILLED  WATER, using ONE refurbished Ocean  going oil drilling rig { 2A }. Plus the plausible alternative society of  "cities floating in the ocean" {Part 3}  All Of The Reference Citation For Parts 1, 2 & 3 Are Now Posted At > >>> > R.I.P. Uncle GEORGE P. MILLBURN August 10, 1925 - January 10, 2015 The following partial excerpts are from the Washington Post obituary of Jan. 25, 2015 An internationally known nuclear physicist, passed away  peacefully  January 10, 2015, at age 89 in Montgomery County,  Maryland, of complications related to Alzheimer's disease. > >>> > R.I.P. Uncle Jack S. Krohmer 1921 - 2001 Obituary A partial quote from the obituary follows No other medical physici

The Toxic Reach Of Deepwater Horizon’s Oil Spill

The toxic reach of Deepwater Horizon’s oil spill  was much larger and deadlier than previous estimates, a new study says By Darryl Fears Washington Post, February 12, 2020 > The Deepwater Horizon oil spill  spread much farther than once thought  Simulations show the extent of toxic oil pollution in the Gulf of Mexico from the 2010 disaster By Maria Temming Science News, February 12, 2020 > " Criminal Charges For The Reckless Operation Of A Corporations " In Reference

A Revelation From The Toxic Lotto

A  Congressional Report documents less than 6% of the toxic  chemicals that are known to impact human health are tracked,  with illnesses  { 1 ,  2 }.   But there is a toxic chemical database that cross references  chronic illnesses by the chemicals that CAN cause the same symptoms { 3 }. One of the best resources that I know of with regard to multiple low levels of chemical exposures is also posted as reference  4 and also note 4A In reference: 1: U.S. Lags in Toxicity Data, Report Says By SUNNY KAPLAN, LA Times, May 3, 2000 1: { Archived }> U.S. Lags in Toxicity Data, Report Says By SUNNY KAPLAN, LA Times, May 3, 2000   > >  The Report mentioned in the above newspaper article was e-mailed to my by Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's office and is titled:   2: Testimony on Children's

Turn An Old Smartphone Into A Lead Detection Tool For Water Testing

A Cost Effective Tool For Detecting Lead In Drinking Water With Other Resources Linked In At The Last Link Of This Posting Note This Is In A Reference Citation Format: 1: Researchers Create Repurposed Smartphone System To Test For Lead In Water. Unlike Most Commercially Available Tests, It Can Detect Levels Below EPA Standards  By Jeannie Kever,  University of Houston Press Release, September 26, 2018 > 2: Open-source do-it-yourself multi-color fluorescence smartphone microscopy  Authors: Yulung Sung, Fernando Campa, and Wei-Chuan Shih Biomedical Optics Express Volume 8 Issue 11 Page 5075 >  3: Smartphone Nanocolorimetry for On-Demand Lead Detection and Quantitation in Drinking Water Analytical Chemistry 2018, 90, 19, 11517-11522 The Journal of Physical and Colloid

Coast To Coast AM Radio Show Date 09-18-10

Toxic Effects Coast To Coast AM Radio Show Date 09-18-10 from 11 PM to 2 AM Pacific Time Ian's guest is the"Toxic Reverend" aka Tom Krohmer, I discussed the effects of toxic chemicals and non-lethal biological weapons on human health. Broadcast live in over 500 cities in the USA, alone. Plus the Internet. Toxic Effects - Shows - Coast to Coast AM Stations listings This blog posting was updated February 11, 2020 as much of the information that was here went to 404 page can not be found. Updates to some of my present works in progress:> Toxic Water Information - Group I Was Raised In The Land Of The Burning Rivers {Open Group at the "Minds" Social Media Platform} > " Revelations Of The Toxic Lotto "  {Editing Work Still In Progress}  > I have nothing to do with, but highly recommend the following: Database summarizes toxic chemical contaminants and approximately 180 human d

The 10 most dangerous toxins in your house, 1999

Please note the fair use statement after this copyrighted article. I also recommend a book and web site titled, "Our Stolen Future" The 10 most dangerous toxins in your house Thursday, January 14, 1999. The Los Angeles Times Syndicate, By Claude Morgan. Claude Morgan is a freelance writer based in Maine who contributes to E, the Environmental Magazine.) This is posted for educational and research purposes. Copyright laws still apply. Please note the "fair use statement. Household toxins? Look no further than your kitchen cabinets. It's official: Staying home is hazardous to your health. Toxins found in the home injured 789,000 Americans between 1992 and 1995, and new research suggests that this figure is underestimated. "Toxins in U.S. homes now account for 90 percent of all reported poisonings each year," says Ross Ann Soloway, administrator of the American Association of Poison Control Centers. That's an epidemic of h