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Coast To Coast AM Radio Show Date 09-18-10

Database summarizes toxic chemical contaminants and approximately 180 human diseases - conditions.
Coast To Coast AM Radio Show
Date 09-18-10 from 11 PM to 2 AM Pacific Time

Ian's guest is the"Toxic Reverend" aka "Justice Is Homeless" aka Tom Krohmer, I'll discuss the effects of toxic chemicals and non-lethal biological weapons on human health. Broadcast live in over 500 cities in the USA, alone. Plus the Internet.

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Toxic chemicals can multiply in their toxicity
when mixed, as infectious agents can increase in
their pathogenetic potential when in combination's.
Toxic chemicals can also impair the immune and
allow infectious agents to proliferate.

Radiation can multiply the effects of toxic chemical exposures
(including x-ray with breast cancer (86A). Here are a few reports
to explain that one, with verifiable reference material. Including
reports and links to John William Gofman MD, of whom was
with the Manhattan Project that developed the atomic bomb,
"Preventing Breast cancer 86A".

Also see my March 30, 2010 blog titled:
Epidemiology: Obscured Radiation Reality and "Multiple Combination's" of "The Toxic Lotto"
Former FDA scientist alleges agency discounted concerns about radiation exposure in medical scans

Multiple news releases can be found about this with the Google search terms;
"Dr. Julian Nicholas Food and Drug Administration suppressed radiation"
End of excerpt from March 30, 2010 blog.


And then an individuals response can not only vary by their
genetics, but also by their genetic signaling, called "Epigenetics"12D.

The video linked in below discusses research that
showed a variance in genetic signally and not the
genetics were responsible for an illness in one
identical twin. While the other twin was normal
with the same gene.
A number of the worlds top
Epigenetic researchers are interviewed

NOVA "Science Now" Episode

Public Broadcast System
Archived show video down loadable in a few format
versions at

Show credits:

For instance;

Toxic chemical exposures can reduce the immune systems ability
to deal with sub-clinical (not acute) "stealth" infections, such as
mycoplasma's, that can also impair your immune system.
As can radiation

Some mycoplasma's were genetically spliced and weaponized and there are
a number of other types of "Incapacitating Agents" besides mycoplasma's, too.

Since many of the signs and symptoms overlap, an accurate can be difficult.

Many of these infectious agents can multiply in their pathogenic impact
when combined with other infectious agents.


Biological Warfare: experiments on the American people

Garth Nicolson PhD in the above video has written and
published hundreds of peer reviewed medical journal articles.
His web sites are the Institute Of Molecular Medicine


Project Day Lily
The truth story about non-lethal biological weapons experiments

that has been fictionalized to protect the innocent from the guilty filing
law suits that would have prevented it's printing.


From my Toxic Reverend - Twitter feed, with additional information:

Iraqibacter WMD 2009 NOVA video Killer Microbes

Program: NOVA science NOW - Episode: Killer Microbe

A benign bug becomes a highly lethal pathogen, known to U.S. soldiers as Iraqibacter.

• Visit the Killer Microbe webpage


Source of Super Bug conflict



Obama appointed Cover Up Guru Ken Feinberg 4 the BP Gulf Oil Disaster American Roulette #rcc


Corexit Florida, sick family's swimming pool poisoned lab report
Doc Resource 4 Victims #hcr

Chemical Exposures Low Levels and High Stakes free download or buy book $100 #corexit

Integrity In Science Program w 52 Nobel Laureates
sign up 4 easy action alerts pls re-tweet #hcr #Corexit #oilspill

Politics Infiltrates EPA Chemical Database
Groups Organizing To Address Scientific Integrity



^ California Environmental Protection Agency

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